Thursday, October 12, 2017

Style, Fashion, MakeUp for over 50, 60, 70, 80 and beyond

The advertising industry is so ridiculously focused on YOUTH, (always has been) that it's understandable that anyone over the age of 50, 60 or 70, 80 or older just throws in the towel.

There is nothing more dispiriting than seeing headlines on a beauty mag announcing make up/fashions for the 30's, 40's and even into your 50's!  What are we, chopped liver?  Possibly it is more important than ever to pay attention to how we look/eat/exercise.

Anyway, here are my thoughts on aging and looking our best at any age! 

  • Less is more with makeup, but please put on some makeup.  Every day.
  • Change your hairdresser.  Try a new color or hairstyle! 
  • Throw out all your sweats.  Even your cool ones, just wear around the house or the gym (eek).
  • Jeans are not out nor will they ever be out.  Go and get fitted for some age appropriate ones.
  • Wear a scent.  Every day.  It says something to your brain.
  • Make your hair appts in advance, so when the hair starts to look funky, you don't have to just jump at whomever might be available for a cut.
  • Go to Groupon for a discount on's a good way to shop around.  And please do not feel obligated to your hairdresser.  Remember you pay this person.  It's your dime.
  • Add some cool coats to your collection.  Don't drag around in a (car coat) or down jacket all the time.
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.  Then moisturize some more.
  • Stay away from the sun.  Not only does it kill the skin, but a tan is SO OVER.  Not cool at all to have a tan.   Have age spots on the face?  Dab concealer on just that spot.  Not all over.   
  • Please don't say you don't have time for this.  At this stage in life, we have some spare time to devote to ourselves.
  • Lastly, learn how to have a good picture taken.  With all the shutterbugs around, there are so many more Kodak moments.  We are, I guess, a more formal lot.  Lose that thought.  Be informal.  Feet up, and relax! Shoulders back, move to your side. Light's camera ready!  PS Edit, edit, edit.....Life is too short for bad pictures of yourself to be hanging around.

Examples of what we are chatting about here:

Almost forgot, go to the store and get fitted for a good bra.  Pronto.  See Oprah and Jane above.

Monday, September 18, 2017

10 of My Favorite Instagrammers

@mylifesatravelmovie Alyssa is a female traveler who takes the most amazing trips. Ahem. Alone! No she is not rich. No she does not have a sugar daddy. She works it. So, lose the 'it must be nice' comments.

@thesavoyflea A Modern Antiquary in Chicago - Cool stuff (I adore the name too)

@jameskivior.pretentioushome - hilarious when he does his 'drunk dusting' videos

@hfbyrne - not only is she solid, (barre) but her healthy food actually looks good (recipes included)

@drawbertson - Artist bon vivant of the fashion world. His twins are pretty cute too, whom he markets relentlessly #buythemnothing

@chadtucket - hilarious spoof on the Nantucket/Greenwich/Marblehead Ivy's. Yes they do exist and they're pretty damn proud.

@carrieoutdoors - according to Carrie, not a photographer, just an adventurer. Subliminally made me want to visit the Canadian Rockies...and we're going!

@aspenthemountainpup - No words

@decadesfurniture - So Florida consignment shop that carries pure gold. Not to be missed if you are in Ft Lauderdale

@wanderlustwandermust - and last but certainly not least....this is yet another female solo traveler who proves there is no need for monetary wealth to travel the world. (and she works with me!)  5 separate trips this year squeezed into three weeks vacation.  Beautiful photographer too!! Norway, Portugal, Greece, Vegas and Italy.  Bang!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Bedding by Marriott Hotel Bedding

So I guess I'm late to the party, but bed in the bag is over?  According to the design mavens I follow on Instagram, it's mix and match all the way baby.  I'm trying.  Anyway, every single sheet set I buy at the discount stores (you know the ones) shrink, tear and look like junk after two washes.  I broke down and bought the Marriott Sheet set in white for $150 Marriott Hotel Bedding, and they seem pretty nice.

Then I was at Restoration Hardware recently and their Linen Bedding was on sale.  So in the cart went 2 solid linen shams and 1 lumbar pillow for the bed.  I have to admit it looks really cool to me. Mixed and matched.

Wait!  RH OUTLET I mean.  Of course, who shops retail?  Um.  No one!  Every time I visit Wrentham mall it's a must to just walk through this place.  Most of the stuff is sillillie priced, yes that's word...but sometimes, oh my! Such a deal!


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