Wednesday, November 30, 2016

H&M and Recycling

H&M is known for it's fast fashion, along with scads of other stores that we shop in these days.  But H&M is the only store that I know of who will take any old clothes back to recycle.  AND give a 15% off coupon to boot.

I give them kudos for their effort.  Bring any old clothes, and I mean anything, (old, ripped, not H&M even) back in a bag.  They will accept the bag and give you the coupon.  They mean to reduce waste and promote sustainability.  Win/win in my book.

Monday, November 28, 2016


How did we get here?  My husband and I are somewhere in between Christmas tree or live Christmas tree, or possibly no Christmas tree.  Last weekend, we were on the hunt for a live one.  It needed to be small, not be dropping needles, so we decided to wait more towards the big day.

We had also been looking at fake (dear lord) trees at Home Depot and beyond, and were not impressed by anything we saw. 

I needed to go to Michael's (the craft store) and on my way out I saw this.  50% off, 7' tall and pre-lit. $49.00.   SOLD!!  My husband can not stop saying, 'it's perfect'. 

All dressed up and ready to go...
(this is not mine)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hate Those Arms?

I know I do!  There are so many options on the market for cocktail dresses.  I would say 80% of them are sleeveless.  One of my colleagues was looking for a dress for New Year's Eve, and had to buy one with elbow length sleeves due to this issue.  She said that she bypassed 90% AND less expensive dresses because they were mostly sleeveless.

Anyway, she happened to mention this to me and I showed her a product that will help this problem.  It is Sleeves2Go.  Just snap on your bra strap and you are good to go.  Check out the site with video.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Baby Boomer Museum-ing

My granddaughter is coming over tomorrow for the day, and my son asked that we please not let her watch television all day.  What is a grandma to do?  I remember from the olden days that our local library had some passes to museums here and there, so I opened up my new library's website, and oh. my. god.  What a treasure trove!

Every museum and fun thing to do in our state is on there.   Discounted.  Check it out!  We will be going to the local zoo.  At a huge discount.