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Born and bred in New York, I am on the other side of 65 attempting to keep up with style, decor, travel and food. Since I originate from a fashion family - Mom was a Fit Model on Seventh Ave. NYC for the Coty Award Coat and Suit designer, Ben Zuckerman from the 1930's to the 1960's; Sis was a Ford Model in the early 1960's and I worked for Vogue later in the 60's and early 70's, I would say fashion is in my blood. At this point just trying to keep up with fashion, and I like sharing my resources so here I am! I currently live outside the city of Boston, and work in town, so plenty of my resources are from here in the NorthEast. Take it or leave it, I am definitely not the last word on anything....that's why fashion is fun, it's creative, there is no right way or wrong way. Hopefully, at this stage in life, we are right in our own skin and do just what makes each and every one of us feel comfortable. I'm directing my blog towards baby boomers, but mini boomers, please jump in. Love to have you! A bit more....I am a mom and a grandma too...

Thursday, October 20, 2016


I realize that I have railed against going to nail salons in the past, but I've changed my ways.  Not for any reason other than a manicurist does a much better job on my nails than I do.  I try to go to one that has a discount on Tues and Wednesdays because those are slow days for them.  Today,  I decided to go full tilt and spend $20 on my manicure.  Such a difference.  Clean, relaxed and willing to go overboard for the customers comfort. Upscale and natural nail polish selections, along with premium brands (Chanel/TomFord) for a bit more money. I liked it very much and as I left I thought that this would be a nice Christmas or Birthday gift for someone.  MiniLuxes are popping up all over.  Check it out.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Not to Worry, Ladies!

While flipping through Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop the other day, I happened upon this wonderful message. Not only is this for 25 Year Old's, but for every woman. I think as a generation we might have planted these seeds in the younger one. And the only other thing I would add, that I thought was on this list was, wear the granny undies..so much more comfortable.

15 Things I Would Tell My 25 Year Old Self

Meet Up!

This has been a big year for me for losses. A few of my old, old friends have died. When I think of how we put off visiting with one another, I see now why some say, do it now, you just never know what's around the bend.

One of the women who was in my wedding in 1968 died this year. No I didn't see her very often, but when we did, our visits were like yesterday. Last year she asked me to either come to her, or she would come to Boston. Did we follow through? No! Instead, I asked her to come to our 50th high school reunion this fall. She said ok, let me spend the winter getting ready. We did not make the reunion. We did not visit with one another last fall, because of procrastination on both parts. Anyway, I thought this video was such a beautiful tribute, I thought I'd share.


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Aging and My Beauty Dilemma NYT article

This is such an on point article about the ying and yang of aging.  Thinking about what one looks like in the mirror at a 'certain age' is something that every woman experiences.  Some say, oh well, and others take a bit of action.  Having had a lift at age 54, I see the concern.  All sorts of treatments prevail today, and it's a matter of you, your doctor, your skin person and your head.  We have a choice to do nothing or doing a bit.  How far is too far?  That's the question.  After all, we do need to live with ourselves.

Aging and My Beauty Dilemma