Sunday, July 15, 2018

Summer Sales 2018

Okay people, I don't want to be a squelch, but department store sales, whatever the store, are crap.  Honestly I believe that some companies pay Youtubers to announce, pronounce and flounce, but I denounce.  Seeing as styles NEVER change anymore, what's the point? I went to two department stores today because of a major sale, and came out completely re educated.  Well, not really, I was right all along.

Stick with TJMAXX/high end Consignment shops, (yes they exist), even Zara!  If I find a sale at a department store, I will be the first to pronounce, but not just yet.

Trust me, I, myself, wear stuff a few times then decide I don't like it, and resell it.  Now I have been selling at The Stock Exchange in Manchester by the Sea.  They might not get the highest Ebay type price and you need to split 50/50, but it's out of my closet, I get a check, and voila, I feel good.  (They take furniture/decorative household items also) They have buyers who are  $$$ locals,  movie set people who furnish local sets...etc. and me!  Do you have a stuffed chair you are tired of?  They will take it.  And their windows!!  Lady knows her stuff!

Here are some of my haunts:

The Stock Exchange, Manchester by the Sea
Castanet - Newbury Street, Boston, MA  High end fabby clothes
Covet - South Boston - heard SUCH great things, need to get there

Off price stores

Nordstom's Rack Boylston Street Boston MA
TJMaxx - Newton MA  (best ever)

While I'm at it, H&M Home stores have the best, best stuff.  Extremely on trend for a fast update on your living area.   Please visit them.

My rant has ended now.

Monday, June 11, 2018

France Trip in the Rear View

Having just returned from France after my overly ambitiously produced itinerary, I have some things to note!

Let's start with the fun stuff.  France is a whole lot of fun in the off season.  I literally cannot imagine more crowds with heat in July and August.  Off season is the only time to go.

People watching is just so much fun in France.  Women....hardly any makeup just lipstick and mascara focusing much more on skin care.  Drop into a pharmacy and you will see products that Americans have not heard of.   Let the sales people lead you to some good stuff.

Have you ever been to a grocery store in France?...Oh my god, you will never want to buy food here again.  Amazing.  Try to stop into one.

Monoprix Paris is a department store that sells food and clothes..?  I know, crazy!  I headed up to the children's level and saw all the stuff for baby girls that I scoured US store for a few years ago.  Peter Pan collared onesies, sweaters to die for.  Could have spent some major time there.

The dark side of France.  (Or Europe in general)
  • Theft is real.  We were robbed. $1000 (got it back from cc company tho)
  • Train strikes are real.  We could not travel to our hotel on weekend, ergo lost the reservation and $$.
  • Suicide anyone?  Yep someone did that in front of the train we were supposed to be on. Delayed.
  • Planes get cancelled.  Planes get delayed.  Lots of headaches.  Be on your toes.
  • Smoking!  Yes everyone smokes...It's ridiculous.
  • Women seem to wear crossbody bags or no bags because guessed it, theft. Thieves have no shame.
  • Bomb scare on train (not ours, but other travelers were chatting about it)
I was told to pack lightly, which I did, but the suitcase, yikes so heavy.  Thinks it's our age playing out!

I brought minimal jewelry.  The one thing I am so happy that I grabbed at the last minute leaving the house, my lightweight down jacket for the plane. Completely pack able, takes up no space.

 Wish I brought a couple of scarves...anyway, we can't think of everything.  I could have left a couple of pairs of pants home, because the hotel did laundry...

When the high speed trains do run, oh dear, it was so pleasant.  200 mph from Avignon to Paris in 2 hours. Not only were the trains fast, comfortable and scenic, but impeccable.  Actually, there was a cleaning person collecting trash and each time someone approached the rest room, it was cleaned....expensive but great.

Here is the itinerary that I planned, only due to Norwegian Airlines great price to Paris.

Paris 2 days Left Bank 6 arrondissement
Lyon 2 days
St Remy de Provence 2 days
Dijon 2 days
Paris 1 day 17 arrondissement

What ended up happening due to train strike?

Paris 2 days Left Bank 6 arrondissement
Lyon 2 days
St Remy de Provence 4 days
Paris 1 day 17 arrondissement

Last word. Paris is filled with so many neighborhoods that it is very hard to get your bearings. Always, IMO, important to take the hop on/off bus tour which takes forever, btw. Get on early in the morning and enjoy your day. Also, Paris gets dark oh around 10 p.m. so it you'd like to see the Eiffel lit up, be prepared.

And finally, if I heard this once, I heard it many, many your handbag.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Foundation Talk

Let's just jump right into the problem.  Aging also brings body shifts.  Unless we are skeletons, things shift.  Just my opinion, but in my case, that's the way it is.  Honest to god, I look at Kim Kardashian and wonder how she lifts everything into shape!

Anyway, even having always invested in good bras, all I do is tug and pull.  As I was complaining about having to  tug and pull, one of my colleagues introduced me to the bra extender.  Now all these beautiful bras can be saved. They hook right on the the back and voila!  Comfort! Amazon carries these and they are heaven.  Try 'em!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Swim Suits for the Baby Boomer Set

Don't know about you, but I need major support and coverage at this stage in life in a swim suit.  The days of swinging by TJ Maxx are over for me, because I need structure with a capital S.   So off to Lands' End I went and took a look.  I ordered two pieces..Bandeau top and high rise bottom which I will wear with a rash guard for sun protection, which came to about $95.  Before I hit order, I googled promo code for Lands' End.  Retail Me Not provided me with a promo code that saved me $30.

Try not to hit that order button till you research promo codes, especially for major retailers such as LE.

Rashguard meaning maximum coverage you can swim in, plus blocks harmful UV rays. Keep it on or take it off. But it does protect.