Monday, November 12, 2018

The Century Trilogy by Ken Follett

Not ever doing book reviews, I thought I would throw my hat in the ring briefly just because these books were so educational, beautifully written and compelling.  There are about 5 different families involved from beginning to end.  Multi generational, and if you truly are in the 60's and beyond age group, you will remember most if not all of the events in the books.

I love the idea of reading a trilogy, but these were about 1,000 pages each.  So instead of lugging a 10 pound book around, I got it on tape from the Boston Public Library.  While commuting, walking around the city, in the car, traveling, at the pool in Florida, I listened, and listened and listened.

Never thought  I would be a book listener, but bang, there you have it...I did it!  So worth it.  It took me 69 years to appreciate history.  Maybe instead of young kids having history class we should!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ My Favorite Subject

Hardly being the last word on this subject, I feel like I'd like to write a post on this.  Was just chatting with a colleague here (at a company worth $65B btw), and it's amazing to me how people just throw up their hands and say 'Well who gets finance/money/investing?'  In my own little way, I do!  And you can too!

Many corporate employers try to get their employees to 'save' by adding a certain % to the 401K's. (DO IT)  In addition, they will offer the services of an Investment Professional to their employees to assist with employees' portfolios.  If said employees even have a portfolio.  (This is a hook, beware, but go for the free info.)  The professional will tell you they 'only' charge 1%.  PS that's a ton at the end of the day or life. Bogleheads say 'Keep Costs Low.'

It's taken me well, almost till I'm 70 to keep up with this stuff.  It's just so confusing, everyone has their own ideas, (or not).  Keeping up is no picnic.  But as Oprah says, she believes in bank, one and one is two etc. Bogleheads say 'Keep It Simple'. Well, it's not that simple but we can and should be schooling ourselves on our own savings/retirement.  It never stops.  We can never stop reading, chatting and learning, no matter what age.  I am trying to school my 8 year old granddaughter on saving...dear lord it's not easy.  Unless one has lived through 'no money' it's not easy to see.

Anyway, I personally, am a simple soul.  No big trades for me, but I do have a healthy portfolio which is invested with Vanguard (THE BEST - no fees)  Once per year we see a FEE ONLY advisor for tax advice and re balancing.  Bogleheads say 'Stay the Course'.

Here are some tidbits from me, receptionist.  Take it or leave it.

  • - start investing with them
  • Employer Profit Sharing - jump in as early as possible
  • Research Roth/Traditional IRA
  • Consolidate everything under one roof (Vanguard)  this is not hard at all, I did it
  • Read, read, read.  Go to and read their page.  Good start.
  • I do not invest in stocks. Only mutual funds or ETF's period.

Life is expensive, we all get that.  And believe me, I have been through plenty of times where this was the last thing on my mind.  But, this was pretty much always there for me.  Will not go into exactly why, but it was there.  It started as a child.

Last word. Remember we are not the Kardashian's.  Be in charge of your own ship.  And if we keep it simple, no one else, besides you, will have their hands in YOUR pot.

Another last word, please NEVER say, 'oh my partner/investment person handles that'.   Nope, never.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Baby Boomer Ridiculousness

I was just reading an article about the stuff that is OVER, except the baby boomers are still embracing them...This is the fashion part of it, and for the most part I agree.  It's taken a while, and slowly but surely I can see the point.  My children are in their 40's and certainly don't wear or do most of these things.  So here goes:

Diamonds - you know I am an estate saler.  If you could see all the rings and jewelry, dear lord.  It certainly makes one think twice.

The Mall - truly, it's a dying thing.  Have you been to one lately?

Crocs - yeeeeeeeeeeeech

Capri pants -  and to match this would be the 'cold shoulder' know the ones.  Each and every mid to old lady wear them now...after all, they think, the shoulders are the last to go.  NO!

Chico's - Over and out

I know this doesn't have to do with fashion, but VOICEMAIL.  If you are still leaving messages for anyone either on a cell, or god forbid on a land line, I will surely think someone died.

Let it go as the song goes!  Read the article below and think about it.

Moving Forward

Monday, August 6, 2018

Micellar Water

Does  nothing.  I bought a bottle of this stuff a couple of months ago thinking it would be something like a cleanser or a toner. 

Nothing, nada, nope.  Don't waste your hard earned money on this.  I have seen the WATER range from a couple of bucks to $95. 

Folks.  It's water.

disclaimer not mentioning a picturing any brands here, but I am sure you get the message.