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Born and bred in New York, I am on the other side of 65 attempting to keep up with style, decor, travel and food. Since I originate from a fashion family - Mom was a Fit Model on Seventh Ave. NYC for the Coty Award Coat and Suit designer, Ben Zuckerman from the 1930's to the 1960's; Sis was a Ford Model in the early 1960's and I worked for Vogue later in the 60's and early 70's, I would say fashion is in my blood. At this point just trying to keep up with fashion, and I like sharing my resources so here I am! I currently live outside the city of Boston, and work in town, so plenty of my resources are from here in the NorthEast. Take it or leave it, I am definitely not the last word on anything....that's why fashion is fun, it's creative, there is no right way or wrong way. Hopefully, at this stage in life, we are right in our own skin and do just what makes each and every one of us feel comfortable. I'm directing my blog towards baby boomers, but mini boomers, please jump in. Love to have you! A bit more....I am a mom and a grandma too...

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Aging and My Beauty Dilemma NYT article

This is such an on point article about the ying and yang of aging.  Thinking about what one looks like in the mirror at a 'certain age' is something that every woman experiences.  Some say, oh well, and others take a bit of action.  Having had a lift at age 54, I see the concern.  All sorts of treatments prevail today, and it's a matter of you, your doctor, your skin person and your head.  We have a choice to do nothing or doing a bit.  How far is too far?  That's the question.  After all, we do need to live with ourselves.

Aging and My Beauty Dilemma

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Zara is known for their fast fashion.  Yesterday I was in looking at this layered piece (on a full rack) and I left to think about it.  Today I went back....almost completely sold out.  Wow!!!  Prices for trendy stuff are beyond reasonable.


A House or a Home - Baby Boomers Downsizing

As I try to redesign my new condo I can't seem to get away from making it look like a yard sale.  I chat with myself and say let's streamline, self.  Oh no, I need the this and that here and here.  Matching anything is hard for me...I do have a set of dining room chairs that match and some side tables, but for the most part stuff is one off.  Then I read this article.  It opened up my eyes to comfort.  To livability.  To domesticity.  It's not (for me) about the AD (Architectural Digest) feel.  It's about living. 

Yes, I have disposed of tons of junk through the years, but it has always swung back to a look for me.  My look.

Making House: Notes on Domesticity

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Remember Paint by Numbers Baby Boomers?

Now that I have a very artsy granddaughter who loves to paint, I plan on spending lots of time doing this!

And I happen to love this display.  Truly love.