Sunday, March 19, 2017

Being of a Certain Age A Baby Boomer Age and Lands' End Swimwear

I can of course,  no longer have the go to bikini in the closet ready to pack up and wear at the beach.  So!  For years I have turned to the Lands'End catalog for some ideas.  Furthermore, the sun!  Dear Lord, I used to love baking in the sun so.  But now, the mind (and body) love it, but the skin does not.  Being Irish/German, the sun has now become Enemy #1.  Yet, I still soldier forth to the seashore.  And this week I am heading to the sunny Florida beaches.  BTW, these Lands' End tunics and swim shirts are sun safe AND swimable.  Packing:

Lands' End Swimwear Rashguard
And of course DON"T FORGET THE HAT! A big one!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Daphne Selfe - Oldest Professional Model in the World

Somehow I stumbled across this lovely lady and I am kind of loving her to death.  What a great attitude towards life, looks, confidence and  passion!   Oh I could go on and on.  She is all of 87 years old, still gets called for photo shoots and enjoys every minute to the max.  Check out her blog.  As baby boomers, we will all be impressed.  She says she is having a bit of a time with technology.  I think not!  When I look at her blog..

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hairstory Review #3

It's been a few weeks since I used this shampoo.  In between I was trying to get my color back to it's normal state, so needless to say after all that coloring and bleaching, it needed something.  So yesterday I used Hairstory once more.  It was fabulous.  It is day #2 now and my hair has shine and life and moisture and keeps a curl after all that detergent.  So, stay tuned again.  I will review the more I use this product.

Hairstory Shampoo

I am thinking, if for nothing else, it's a good product to keep in my array of products.

Forbes Interview with Creator of New Wash

Monday, March 13, 2017

Are you a Baby Boomer Color Photo Clutterer?

By the time we reach mid life, we have amassed so many photos.  The Baby Boomers especially have the photo books from hell lying around the house, never looked at.  Anyway, this post is about framed color photo clutter sitting on tables.  Unless we are Hollywood Movie Stars like Lauren Bacall and we have photos of Howard Hughes standing in front of his plane in black and white....lose them.  Keep it down to a bare minimum and make them black and white.  Minimize and folks just might enjoy them.  I am all for appreciating my beautiful family, but for the most part they are in my personal space.  In black and white.

Maybe it's just me, but I believe this display out of Apartment Therapy is fun to look at, updated and clean.  You can get these frames and ledges at Ikea for next to nothing. Also at Target for more.  Clean it up!!

We won't even mention the refrigerator displays from the 60's...Enough!!