Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Buying Spree Part 1

I just poked around a smaller Sephora (we have two close by)  and bought a couple of things:
  • Caudalie Beauty Elixer (travel size aisle of Sephora) for a.m.
  • Stila retractable black liner
  • Bite cream blush

Then I went to Marshall's and poked some more.

  •  Dr. Brandt's Transforming Pearl Crème for $19.99 (from what I have read, a very high end brand)
  • Marc Jacob's Essential Hues Eye Color for $12.99 pack of 3
I never discount Marshall's and TJX for these products.  Good buys there.  Also, btw, I am not the type of person who owns drawers full of beauty products.  I use them up, or if they don't work for me I return them. 

Another disclaimer.  I do like the more expensive lines for some things, such as color.  And oh man, would I LOVE to be able to afford La Mer, but I don't so, I need to chill on that front.

I have always believed that the more expensive brands have deeper pigment, and I can just tell when the color is of the drugstore variety.  On me, anyway.

Teetering on the Edge of 70

Not trying to be on the dark side here, but age is a bitch, right? Every morning I wake up and say, 'everything hurts' to myself or to whomever might be listening. At night I struggle to pee every hour or so. And no, 70 is not the new anything. It's 70.

That being said, I am in the market for new beauty products such as skin care, a light foundation, color, etc. Yesterday I went to Sephora to have my make up 'done'. Dear lord what. a. mess. After about 20 layers of this and that, I came back to the office, and my colleagues says, oh no. Go wash. So I am still on the hunt for all of it.

Another thing. I wonder why Sephora doesn't have makeup artists for the 'mature' face. Less is more at this stage. (looking into this)

Things we DON'T need:
  • brow definition
  • Powder NEVER
  • Primer (unless you are on the red carpet)
  • Bronzer
  • Lip pencil (unless you can figure out how to make it blend)
  • Store bought lip sugar scrub (make it yourself if you feel the need)
Things we DO need

ok I am going to start at the beginning!!
  • Facial hair remover (even if you think you don't have it, you do, once per week)
  • wash cloth for cleaning skin with a gentle cleanser (I do this in shower)
  • I then use toner and non oily eye makeup remover  (drug store brands)
  • a drop of serum after cleansing (drug store brand again, you don't have to spend a fortune)
  • Light moisturizer for the summer, spring and fall.
  • a bit heavier (for me) for the winter
  • I do all this at night then go to bed. I realize that this sounds like a lot, but if you get into the routine it will go fast, and your face will thank you.
  • spritz face with water in a.m. (don't wash)
  • tinted moisturizing or nothing at all (I'm trying Laura Mercier Porcelain)
  • dot discoloration with concealer (I like Bobbi Brown)
  • bit of  CREME blush (I bought Bit @ Sephora)
  • light powdered eye shadow (Chanel lasts forever, and I cover the whole eyelid)
  • bit of retractable pencil for me
  • drug store mascara ( I use L'Oréal)
  • lipstick (I really need it, and use MAC Twig, their bestseller)
This should take all of 5 minutes at the start of the day, no longer.

And at the end of the day, I think I might have found my new retirement career, makeup for mature faces!!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

It's Sale Time

check all the stores out...take a good look at your closet.  Throw/donate/sell stuff.  Go to your favorites and have a ball.

Oh, and btw check your coupons and promo codes.  Just went into Talbot's for a belt that I did not want to pay shipping fee for, and lo and behold got another 25% off!  Sometimes it pays to shop brick and mortar rather than online.  I'm sure the same coupon applied online, but the human contact was nice.
I have always love Talbot's for shoes/bags/belts ...this belt is cute. (got it because I saw it on Elements of Style Blog)


Please tell me you don't still buy books.  Clutter, clutter, clutter.  Not only that,  the dust smell is really annoying.  I have just a few 'coffee table' books, but no one seems to ever open them.  Anyway, I've been in a few different stores lately that trade books for free.  Talbot's Wellesley, and the Pharmacy in Ipswich have giving libraries. Take one, give one.  I love it.  And when I really want to read something special, it's straight to the library for me.  And btw the Boston Library is to die for.  Tourists bypass this special place of music/courtyards and murals. Actually, I stop tourists in front, and ask if they have seen the Atrium...Answer is always, no!   Please visit here.  I call it the hidden gem of Boston.

 Boston Public Library