Sunday, February 18, 2018

Tiffany & Co.

Almost 90 years ago (1930) my father went to Tiffany & Co. NY, to buy a ring for my mother.  I have always loved seeing that ring on her hand.  She was remarried in the end (long, long story) but when she went to heaven the person she was married to sent 3 rings to my oldest sister, designating them as one to each of the sisters.  There were three.  I inherited my Grandmother's beautiful vintage diamond...but hmmm, I wondered just who inherited the ring.  During the ensuing years while chatting with my older sister, I noted a ring on her finger.  She told me it was my mothers Tiffany.  Well ok, I can handle that...sort of...but, but...she had it taken apart and joined it with two other diamonds....I wanted to cry.  You took apart the Tiffany setting?  Yep!

Fast forward a few decades, and as I was chatting with my OTHER sister, she said no, she had the Tiffany ring...OMG it was safe.  No one had messed with the setting.  Dear lord I was on my knees...not so much that I would never have that ring, but for the fact that yes, it was still in tact.  The story of my father going to Tiffany & Co all those years ago, still lived.

Fast forward yet again to last June.  My other sister came to visit me in Boston.  She had the ring and said it was sooooo small that it would never fit anyone.  She came to lunch with her family and presented it.  The ring.  Said it would never fit.  It did.

Mom & Dad on right Wartime wedding

Luxury Items

Have been researching luxury items of late with houses such as Gucci, LV, Loewe's, Smythson of Bond Street.  Wow, there is a wealth of information out there.  If you are thinking of taking the plunge check out YouTube and some luxury reseller sites such as The Real Real, and of course any consignment shop.  The problem with the resellers is authenticating.  Recently I resold a ton of LV things for a friend and it wasn't easy.  You need to give history, and the item number listed within the piece itself.  That was Ebay.  I got ok money for her, but it really got me thinking.  If push comes to shove with something I really want, I'll go to Saks or wherever and buy new. (Although still kicking myself for now buying the LV Weekender from her)

These are the three finalists (so far) in me, these will change.  The beauty of research is getting it 'just right' before (rather than after) you take the plunge.
And now that my children are educated and settled, we are in a condo, I am still working, do I feel one bit of guilt..?  Nah.  Back to my old days of working at Vogue, believe it or not on my first trip to Europe 1970, my coworkers gave me a Mark Cross Passport case which I carry to this day.  Ah, the beauty of real luxury.. no fake ever feels the same.

Gucci Marmont Approx $1700

Gucci Iconic Belt approx $550

Gucci Tote approx $1200

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


So we were in Florida last week, and stayed at an Airbnb...and guess what?  It was great!  This is our second try at Airbnb and we loved it.  I have discovered that when in a big city such as NYC or Paris, go for the hotel ALWAYS.  But when you are faced with $400 per night Hilton in Florida, go for the Airbnb.  Furthermore, it was a lot more comfortable than being the dreaded house guest!  We came back to our gorgeous 2 bedroom, 2 bath Key West style place and relaxed.  Beds were great along with sheets and towels and comforters, and of course full kitchen.  Then all we had to do was pop into the car and do what we wanted.  Check it out!

Oh, forgot to say, we needed to be at the airport early (like get up at 5:00 a.m.) so we called an Uber!

What is going on with this world it was fabulous!!  No fuss no muss!


Monday, January 22, 2018

Cool Candlesticks

Ever since I moved and donated most of my decorative items, I no longer have taper candlestick holders.  I had not really noticed this until yesterday when I was visiting my favorite home store Red Bird.  The store carries these cool dripless candles, but no candlestick weird.  So I have been looking for some fun ones.  Marshall's, nope.  TJX, nope.  Not looking for the wedding gift type of holders..just something to burn a candle on.  As of right now, I just own the fake ones that run on battery.  And I am getting real sick of those.  Anyway, I went over to H & M Home this afternoon, and voila...adorable!!  Check it out.

Now for the white tapers, dripless of course!

This one was $7 on sale, but they range from $5 on sale to about $14.99.