Thursday, April 19, 2018

Is Your Hairdresser Yesterday's Hairdresser?

One of my favorite subjects is hair.  I think that our hair is our crowning glory, no matter what color, style, texture or age it is.  That being said, are you still seeing the old hairdresser?  I left mine after decades and decades, due to the fact that I just could not get an appointment with her, plus the fact that she was too expensive.  Guess the law of supply and demand figured in. What started at $40 per cut ended up at $100 per cut + tip + wash tip (I'm not Mrs. Astor) which, in my book,  is too much for a one length bob.  But, apparently it is not that easy to do a good job on this one length bob.  I have been up and down Newbury Street, on Groupon, on recommendations, on poking around Instagram.  Finally, after MUCH trial and error I found someone, not only good, but great.  Not only professional, but not out of the ballpark expensive.  Guess where I found her?  Social media.  Yup.  Trolling Instagram.  These newbies show their work on social media.  They have availability.  They're young!  Two years in...not spoiled at all.  And with it!  And willing to listen and be patient for 2 or 3 haircuts to get it right.

 As we age, our hair ages too.  We just keep on truckin' with the same hairdo, but possibly the texture has changed by now.  I know mine has.  At one time I had stick straight hair.  After menopause it's all curly in the back..horrid.  But it's a big change and needs to be dealt with.  That's another situation where a fresh eye might help.  Sometimes we just need to let go.

I love this young hairdresser that I found on Social Media.  Really.  Experiment.  Change it have nothing to lose, except of course, your old fashioned haircut.  You might have to suffer a few frogs, but in the end, you'll have a princess!

PS, It's always funny to me how women seem to be attached to their old hairdressers.  I guess it's because they have become friends.  Sometimes we need to cut the cord.  And remember this, you are paying this 'friend'.   Yup, I'm harsh.

Friday, April 13, 2018


So, just in case someone does not know or has never heard of Norwegian Air, I am here to tell you that flights to Paris are peanuts.  I know of approximately 1 dozen, (that's 12) people who are going just this Spring.  Ahem, including me of course.

We were going to celebrate our 50th anniversary in Croatia, then I thought, nope let's see what's out there for something a bit less expensive and (less) hard to get to.  Paris it is.
It's my third time to Paris, but I feel like it's my first, really.  We have so many more resources to choose from..YouTube, Pinterest, blogs in general.  It's amazing.  No wandering (unless we feel like it) for us..I have a mission.  To see, to taste, to experience!  I do not consider myself much of a museum person, but watching a YouTube vid on The Louvre inspired off we go.


Unlike the 60's on our first trip to Paris, we now can be better prepared...Is that good or is that bad?

First trip to Europe about 50 years ago...check out how dressed up we oh my have things changed!

Those Dang Kids

We know they don't want our brown furniture or crystal or silver, but I just read something about photos...guess what, it's clutter.  I have really tried to downsize my hard copy photo collection, but have such a hard time throwing out my downsized stuff...not easy!  I have taken every album apart and thrown out all my doubles, given my kids each a photo book, and now I am left with a box of photos....

Well, if you have done all that and still have more here is a good article about what to do next...

 Old Photos

Monday, March 12, 2018

Brass Candlesticks

For some crazy reason I am suddenly obsessed with this 60-70's style of grouping brass candlesticks together...This is the look I'm going for, and have been shopping on Ebay...some good deals out there too.. BREAKING NEWS!  I found on Ebay 4 brass candlesticks and bid on them....Starting bid?  $.99....Winning bid?  $.99.  Shipping was ohhh about $5 or $6...