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Born and bred in New York, I am on the other side of 65 attempting to keep up with style, decor, travel and food. Since I originate from a fashion family - Mom was a Fit Model on Seventh Ave. NYC for the Coty Award Coat and Suit designer, Ben Zuckerman from the 1930's to the 1960's; Sis was a Ford Model in the early 1960's and I worked for Vogue later in the 60's and early 70's, I would say fashion is in my blood. At this point just trying to keep up with fashion, and I like sharing my resources so here I am! I currently live outside the city of Boston, and work in town, so plenty of my resources are from here in the NorthEast. Take it or leave it, I am definitely not the last word on anything....that's why fashion is fun, it's creative, there is no right way or wrong way. Hopefully, at this stage in life, we are right in our own skin and do just what makes each and every one of us feel comfortable. I'm directing my blog towards baby boomers, but mini boomers, please jump in. Love to have you! A bit more....I am a mom and a grandma too...

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Remember Paint by Numbers?

Now that I have a very artsy granddaughter who loves to paint, I plan on spending lots of time doing this!

And I happen to love this display.  Truly love.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Peter Beaton

With my advancing age, (god I hate this)  I have become a rabid hat wearer, especially in the summer.  I know I should not be in the sun, it's bad for the face, etc (skin cancer)...but truth be told, the sun glare really bothers me.  Whenever I am standing in the sun, I go for shade or grab a nearby hat.  Yes, I've got them in the car...all of them.

So when I was strolling through Nantucket, I spied a snug little alleyway leading to the Peter Beaton Hat Studio.  This is it...this the one that I will buy next.  I know it because, I left Nantucket without it, and I am still yearning.

You know what?  If we cannot wear a hat proudly and comfortably at this age, then exactly when?

This hat is an investment.  Around $200.  I like investment dressing, don't you?


Since I will be working a bit later tonight, my lovely company has suggested that, since I have moved to Ipswich, I take an Uber home...it's so funny.  Now rather than say take a taxi, Uber has become a noun...take an Uber.

So I am on the fence about it.  I know people who use Uber all the time...I mean ALL. THE. TIME.  When they go out to have a splash or two..Uber.  My son Ubers when he goes out on weekends.  Let's face it.  It's safer.  But, the one time we took an Uber to the train station, I wasn't happy, mainly because the driver did not seem to know the route.  (Which was very simple using major thoroughfares).

So I just looked at my phones Uber app, and it has 3 choices. Uber, Uber Taxi and Uber Black.  Think I will stick with a taxi tonight...maybe it is just a habit.


Update:  Taxi charged me $250 and used my GPS and the car was well, shall we say, fragrant.  This morning I was debating whether I would just take the train the next time this happened and one of my colleagues suggested I call her car service.  $130 for a limo...Limo Express/Topsfield.

207 Washington Street
MA 01983-2008
Phone: (978) 887-2693/877-922-2200

I took her up on it, and it was heaven.  Brand new car, clean driver, no chatting, directly to my  house..heaven!!

Beautiful Nantucket!

It's well worth the visit.  And if you live in the State of Massachusetts, you can't pass it up..if not for the food/shopping/beaches, just for the sheer eye candy.  Oh, and if you are over a certain age, the little bus that takes you around is $1.00 (don't even think of bringing a car)