Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Thingy Earrings

Now I just know that anyone reading this blog would not wear anything with Santa or reindeers on it, right? No socks, no earrings, no sweaters, nothing. And I promise you I will not go back on this statement. Even though people may stop you and say, 'oh that's so charming', trust me, they are thinking just the opposite. Remember the mantra, sometimes our friends are our worst critics, in that they will encourage us to wear something silly, just because it's easier than saying, STOP! You are making a fool of yourself.


  1. Never have never will. Well except I did in my vintage wearing youth have a 1940s ski sweater with a deer on it. Double knitted form fitting wool, it was pretty nifty and I wore it for outdoor sports, not for Christmas. I don't wear earrings (or a watch). But just wondering if you are nixxing the Christmas light earrings too, not clear from your post.
    I live in semi rural NH, but am going to Kansas City KS for a wedding in January. Anyone suggest any stores I should check out?

  2. Yes the christmas light earrings are nixxed, anything that screams Xmas, although the vintage sweater sounds cool. Hmm, Kansas City, having never been there, I have no clue. But I was in Montana for a wedding one time, and it had the cool 'ski, mountain climbing' type stores. That's a whole different animal. But fun, too.