Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Business of Cutting Hair

Cutting hair is big business and there are ways to cut some costs while still looking great. Of course, color your own hair, that's a given. It's not hard. If you think you have missed spots, have your hd do it two times a year for fill in. Bangs are good on all of us, and we can stop in for a shaping in between cuts. Trust me, the hd would rather have you do this, than do it yourself. Extend your cut by just letting it grow. We really don't have to go every six weeks. Try eight weeks. If you go to a top notch pricey hd, have she or he do it the first time, then to a lesser stylist the next time. They can follow lines.
Be careful when buying the product in the salon. This accounts for a huge percentage of their business. We can use approx 1/3 of what is suggested. And make it last.

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