Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Crib Sheet from Style Editor of RueLaLa

View through the Keyhole
By Rachel Solomon, Style Editor of RueLaLa

"Santa, Baby. Already.

Well, it's official. The M&M-filled candy canes are in CVS. And that can only mean the holidays are here.

I'm no Grinch, and there's so much to love about this time of year (family, stuffing, egg nog come handily to mind). But the onslaught of the holidays can also be stressful (family, gifts to buy, the possibility of running out of champagne). So if your tendency is to panic a little at the sound of jingle bells, I've got a crib sheet to help make it all a little easier.

Don't go into the holiday season without:

A hairstylist you love. If you're dissatisfied, ask well-coiffed friends.

At least five pre-wrapped gifts that will work for any giftee. Need an example? The June Jacobs Grapefruit & Citrus Body Set would do the trick nicely for most women friends.

A comfy pair of sweats you can wear around the house without being horrified if someone drops by. Juicy Couture is the master on that front.

A well-stocked bar for drop-ins: Champagne, club soda, vodka, red and white, a lemon and a lime. And a big bag of Pirate's Booty.

A little black dress that fits fabulously (don't chastise yourself about not being the same size as last year - just treat yourself to an update). Or the male equivalent: A great pair of dark denim and a great jacket (love French Connection's Lentil Brushed Check Sportcoat - just bought it for my husband - shhhh).

A decent set of luggage, purchased in the last five years. There have been so many updates in luggage technology, making bags fit airline spaces better, wheel more easily, and more.

A getaway plan. A ski trip, a spa retreat, a weekend somewhere you drive to, even a night in a hotel in your own hometown. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I can't say it enough: Escape is important.

It's starting! And I hope it's joyous already.
XOXO Rachel"

These are great tips, and the last tip is the most important 'be good to yourself'. A getaway is key when facing the holidays. It's something for us to look forward to. Doesn't have to be big, just a short getaway, but somewhere warm always helps us to recharge.

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