Friday, November 20, 2009

Don't forget this site for some great bargains. Today they had Taryn Rose on sale, beautiful shoes developed by an orthopedic surgeon. They must be comfortable, right? Regular cost is extremely pricey, not so on If you sign up for this site, you will receive an email each day notifying you as to what is on sale that day. It's great! The only negative is is if it doesn't work, credit only, no money back.
These boots were $89 reduced from $275.


  1. Love those boots! I just can't buy shoes with not chance of return tho.
    Good hint, especially for people who live where they get to actually try these things on.

  2. thanks for the comment Kathy, Ruelala is a good site, I bought a pair of Tory cords at Nordstroms outlet for $90 and saw the very same pants on ruelala for $50, so keep an eye!