Saturday, November 28, 2009

Something No One Talks About

Man oh man things start to go south once we hit our mid fifties, (for a lot of us) So here goes. I believe in having some maintenance work done. Work done, as in when we get older and jaws start to sag, eyes start to bag, eyelids start to hood, necks start to turkey, hair starts to gray. That. Kind. Of. Work. Okay I've said it. It's not for everyone. Many people have a lot of better things to do with their money, agreed. But if something is really bothering us, people are asking us if we are tired all the time, we are wearing turtlenecks all the time to cover things, and we have the wherewithal and desire, I say go for it. But please find someone good, (see the work) and have it done very gently.

If you are someone who doesn't believe, that's fine too. Whatever works!

PS When things get to this level, creams don't cut it.

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