Friday, November 27, 2009

Thank You for your Participation

Thank you all for reading my blog. My thrust is to let women our age 60, 70, 80 know that there is style life after 50. It's so annoying when I read the fashion mags and articles that give tips that end at 50. We are relevant and style doesn't have an expiration date. Women want to look the best we can our entire lives, and maybe even more at this stage in life. We have the time, and the means, and unless we are sick and unable, we want it. Then of course there are plenty of women who don't but I don't think those women are reading style blogs.

Let's attack this together, it's more than doable! This woman, love her!! Simple, simple, simple. Not much jewelry, nice hairstyle and red lips, she's got it down.


  1. I just saw an ad in a mag for JC Penney. Its called "Generations of Style". I looked for the generations and there are children, a teen ager and some young adults, maybe one woman could be in her mid thirties. Thats it. Thats the generations. Sooo irritating.

  2. Clueless! First order of marketing and advertising, go where the money is???

  3. Case of mistaken identity!
    The reason I asked about the glasses is because I mistook you for the lady in this photo. Thankfully with a bit more time to spare I saw/read your profile and realized it is of course-- not you. Apologies!

  4. Hi Sherrie, that's ok, I would love to look like her in the future, isn't she great?!