Friday, November 27, 2009

What is better than a Cardigan

Good god, cardigans are so very cool. Right now they are everywhere in the stores. Love the basic cardigan the best, you know, the one that's been around for oh 60 years or so. The last few years, I scoured the stores for these, but now, it's flooded. Fun, colorful, easy to wear and go anywhere cardigans. This is the 'Jackie' cardigan from J. Crew (pricey). Nordstrom's has cotton cards for $24 each. I like wool for winter, but to get all the colors and keep them fresh, I would go for the cotton during the cool months. Dead of winter, wool only for me.
New style in the trendy stores, boyfriend cardigan, I am not a fan for our age group. Stick to the classic. Dress it up with a skinny belt, and a chunky piece at the neck. Black is great for dressy, with pants or skirt. Very chi chi!!


  1. Hi!
    You look very familiar to me.Are your glasses part of your "signature"?
    I thought to let you know about my 2 books on boomer(and older) style. The first, "Forever Cool" (Random House, 2007), and recently "Steal This Style" (Random House, 2009)are both classic and ageless in concept.You will enjoy them I think.
    Sherrie (

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Maryanne! I agree! I remember when you were looking for cardigans, now there is so many to choose from. Time to stock up! I like that they are perfect in the summer when it is hot outside and chilly inside (air conditioning). I also like to pin brooches and flower clips on them instead of buying the ones with embellishments already sewn on. Mix and match :)

  3. Good hint. I'll have to buy some now. I don't like cotton knits tho, just can't seem to keep them from getting mishapen. But my nice old wool ones have about had it and I need more.
    Sherrie I'll check out your books too. I just want more ideas for my age. I found this blog when i went to More magazine site and signed up for a subscription. I'm eagerly awaiting it.

  4. First Thanks Sherrie, no it's not part of my signature, just a sunny day in Rome, and I really don't have that many current photos. I live in the Boston area, maybe we've met? Anyway, Kathy, I so agree about the cotton cards but you can get more of a variety (cost wise) by buying them. And Claudia, I miss you! Thanks for the tips I always love them. This blog is for anyone really, as I said, fashion doesn't have an expiration date. It's so much fun!
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  5. Oh and last but not least, Thanks Sherrie for the book ideas, I will definitely look for them!