Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Joy of Cooking

Having just seen the movie "Julie and Julia", and it being a snowy weekend, and being one week before Christmas, I have to say that I really love to cook. Not like the old days, when it was expected, but now when the spirit moves. Finally, I know most of the basics. Don't have to ask the butcher, the baker or the candlestick maker. I have heard and know of 'aspic' and I can look it up and figure it out. I am so not clueless now and it feels great! It's wonderful to have arrived at this juncture in life. The best part of cooking is that we are always learning. I am 61 and have pretty much cooked up a storm in my lifetime, and still picked up a few tricks from this movie, and I might add, have a LOT more to learn which is the fun. We never stop learning and things are always changing.

Anyway, I baked and baked and baked this weekend, as in cookies. Favorites from my relatives, old recipes that are just ours alone, (or so I think). The joy that these special recipes bring to my family at times like this is immeasurable.

Now I am going to sermon. I so wish it was not a lost art. "Order Out' is order of the day. If they only knew!!!
Touche Julia, you started it all! (Sons, are you listening?)

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  1. The movie was fun wasn't it?
    Dh gave me Julia Child's "The Way to Cook" for Christmas.
    But you know, many many (most?)people who don't live in cities cook. My city friends who have plenty of money just order takeout. (What is more amazing to me is the amount of money they spent on their unused kitchen). Take out doesn't work so well here, if one gets tired of pizza and chinese.
    ps I don't recommend that anyone ever bother to roast a goose for Christmas. It was ok but a disappointment. And if anyone has any recipes for leftover goose please email me!