Saturday, December 19, 2009


Just on the radio there was a discussion about women's obsession with shoes. It's amazing how some women have literally 100 pairs of shoes in their houses. Can't imagine how they keep track of what they have.

Anyway, the discussion got me thinking about the average persons shoe collection. I have a feeling if we take a good look at them, half to three quarters should be thrown out. Shoes are not that pricey nowadays, and if there is the least bit of wear and tear about them, it says something about the wearer.

A good New Years resolution might be to go through our shoes, donate and throw out, and start to rebuild our collections. Doesn't have to be in the 100's. A dozen to fifteen would be a practical number, including boots. When shopping around, start with the basics.

A ballet flat or two or three
A good pump (bronze, grey, black) couple of pairs
Some warm winter boots
Stylish winter boots (no high heels)
Some Merrills
Open Toed wedge
Short boots

These styles will be on sale shortly, just wait till after Jan. 1! After Presidents Day, even better. And please, buy them this winter, don't think the season is over after Christmas. They will last a couple of years, and you will be set if you keep adding and subtracting for 12 months.


  1. Bah-humbug! I want to wear impractically delicious shoes!! With jewels and bows and colors and texture! :)

  2. Average person, Claudia, average person. Not you of course!! :) Go for it, you only live once!!