Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bathing Suits

I know it's the middle of January, but I also know that a lot of you will be doing some winter travel to warmer climes. If you are in need of a new suit, simply enough, get a structured suit. There are plenty out there, just look at TJ's or Marshalls for a one piece solid color structured suit. Calvin Klein does some great ones. I have said this before, always buy your bathing suit one size smaller. Nothing makes us look more OLD LADY than a baggy suit. Please have your bathing suit structured and hugging your body. And please wear a cover up and a HAT. Not only for the skin, but for the hair. Remember, hair gets a sunburn too, and it's not cute and sun kissed like it used to be, it's haggard....Protect what's left!!
Picture on the right, yes she is young, and yes you can wear this. It will act as a girdle for the problem areas, trust me. Wear a cool long tailored shirt over it and straw hat and your all set. (PS don't forget the bikini wax)

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