Thursday, January 21, 2010

Everything in Style

Have you noticed that there are really not too many 'must have's' anymore? Things are not going out of style anymore. Clothes and accessories wear out more than go out of style. People tend to dress along with their groupings as in, the friends they hang with. Vintage anything is really cool, and so it J. Crew and The Gap. Flats, spikes, stacked, wedged, Merrills, whatever floats our boat!

To give our wardrobes some splash, mix up the pieces. Mix plum with brown, it's ok! Mix khaki with hot pink, that's good too. Play around, it will get us through the winter!


  1. I think the concept of size/ fit is something that changes. I was looking at some vintage wool coats that I used to wear when I was young and skinny to decide if I should send them to my young skinny niece who lives in Brooklyn. I realized that in the '80s and for some time after, fuller and looser fit was more popular than now. I think these would be too big for her tho she is about the size that I was when I wore them. I just bought a beautiful coat on ebay, allowing for the amount of ease that I used to and realized when I got it that it looks too big for today.

  2. oh yeah everything is skin tight today. I am wearing a skirt that is way too tight, I can't wait to get home!!!

  3. I don't know about you all - though I relish style/fashion - comfort has moved up the ladder of priorities when dressing. Don't get me wrong - appearance still has top rung status. When I shop and try something out it has to look not just 'good' or 'nice' but wonderful!