Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Nice Fire

There is nothing more that I love than a nice fire on a frigid winter weekend in New England. This has been a long, snowy one, and I do feel a bit of cabin fever. But it's a good thing to have to stay in the house and look for projects. Anyway, I kind of wanted to light a fire tonight, it's very, very cold out. We have the old fashioned fireplace that blows cold air all night long while the fire is dying, so instead of lighting a fire in the fireplace, I lit my candles. Not many. About three. Scented, all over the house. It was perfect. It's good to see a 'flame' on a cold day, and this is the cheaters way to do it. Gives you the feel of warmth and coziness quickly. And it smells good too.

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