Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh, The Agony

Are you agonizing in the morning over what to wear that day? Whether it's to work or around town, there are a few simple rules that will have you stop it once and for all.

1. Organize shirts by color
2. Get a shoe rack where you can 'see' your shoes, out of the boxes they arrived in.
3. Again, pants by color.
4. Skirts by color.
5. Go to The Container Store and get a drawer system, and arrange your unmentionables, tights, socks etc. right in the system, within easy reach (in your closet).
6. Anything that has not been worn within last year, pitch.
7. Fancy clothes/shoes may go in a different closet. They don't need to clutter your every day life.
8. Spend an hour a month organizing and pitching and separating, and you will be a happier person starting the day.

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