Friday, January 8, 2010

She's 65

Did you know that Diane Sawyer is 65? Not that she is one of my favorites to watch, but she does have it all together fashion and beauty wise. Of course, we know she's most likely had some tweaking done, but that being said, her clothes, hair, accesories are always appropriate.

I think we can always look to her nuances and learn. The type of glasses she wears, the jewelry, the casual pencil skirts with tights and flats. It all looks so easy, but if one thing is off, it throws the whole look off. Say she wore 1/2 granny glasses with a cord. That would be very wrong. Do you need some advice on how to dress for your age? Tune into the World News every night. There it is right in front of you. Study!
Further, she is showing us we don't go away at 65. Wow!! No retirement for her! She is a active member of society and making a statement at 65!

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