Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Big, Beautiful Coats!

Being the daughter of a coat and suit model starting in the 30's, that's 1930, I am a bit of a hog for coats in every shape, form and fabric. My mother had the most gorgeously tailored and stitched clothes known to mankind. They just don't make clothes that way anymore. Anyway, when coats go on sale (right about now) I am there front and center, and usually buy one, two, or more per year. I love them all. Swing coats, down parka vests, faux leopard, a good wool coat, long, short, and in between.

If you are into the resale shops, it's a great time to buy a coat. I sold a Calvin Klein wool lined coats at my resale shop and got $10 for it. Good buy for the buyer, not so great for me.

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