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Do you still use chargers? For extra fancy or holiday dinners, I love the look of the layered table. If you do entertain this way (I don't, less is better now for me) see the words below.

Do You Use Plate Chargers?
If you want your next dinner party to shine a little brighter, try adding plate chargers to your table set up.
A plate charger is a decorative piece that sits under the dish being served. Kind of like an extra-large plate, or accent that is generally two or three inches wider all round than the dinner plate. They are not intended to hold food and are often made in materials and styles which would not be appropriate for food. Plate chargers in use since the early 1800’s, have seen a resurgence in popularity since the late 1990s. They are also called under plates in some areas of the country.
Plate chargers can be made of nearly anything; glass, metal, iron. A charger’s main job is to act as a ‘frame’ for the dinnerware, and to attractively fill the empty place mat or tablecloth between courses. Some people also leave them on the table between meals, as decor. If it sets off the plate above it and makes it look more attractive then its mission is accomplished.
Etiquette for use of a charger plate depends on personal taste. Some hosts and hostesses have the plate charger removed as soon as the meal is served; others prefer to let the chargers be used throughout the meal. Some people even leave them on the table between meals, as decor.
Chargers are extremely popular right now, as are a number of other things to make table settings extra-fancy. For a real stand out at your next dinner gathering an artful approach that looks both elegant and unique is to use wrought iron plate chargers. Running vines and scrolls make an elegant presentation when serving up your guests. You can also pair your plate chargers with matching serving pieces to tie in the entire look of your table setting. If you are looking for a way to make your table decor even more unique, revive an old tradition by using plate chargers at your next gathering.
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