Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mrs. O's Signature Style

There is never a moment in my mind when Michelle Obama is wrong with her sense of style. It matches her age, station in life and the times we live in. Casual chic!

Just love the way she wears her belts, both wide and skinny. Her signature, no problem!


  1. I agree that Michelle has a youthful casual sense off style.
    Belts, serve to accentuate her thinnest curves and she is tall enough to wear them comfortably.
    I've loved J Crew as a less expensive resource for all ages--since it started in business. It took Miichelle to bring it to the public (as I'd hoped in my books and seminars!).I'm glad she experiments and diversifies in pricepoint --so she is never boring.
    Sherrie (

  2. Hi Sherrie, I especially love the way she wears belts. I am still wearing them slightly lower and when I wear the waist cinch it feels odd. I'm working on that. Thanks for the comment.

  3. I love how she dresses as well. Its fun to see what she's wearing next.