Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mutton dressed like Lamb

Too often women breeze through their 30's and land in the upper 40's still dressing in the same way they did way back when. (oh trust me, we have all been there) Once we reach that certain age, skirts should be possibly a little looser and longer. High boots don't have to have a sky high heel. If they are we can look like we are trying too hard and pathetic.

The ESPN reporter (below) who criticized Hannah Storm is a good example. Harsh, but true. Lose the catholic school kilt and the fire engine shiny red high boots. It's sad.

Kornheiser, the host of ESPN's "Pardon the Interruption," was suspended for cracking wise on his radio show about Storm's "horrifying, horrifying" outfit.
"She's got on red go-go boots and a Catholic-school plaid skirt," he said. "Way too short for somebody in her 40s."Read more:


  1. I saw a white haired woman at the hospital, being supported by another person while she walked, wearing a very short tho loose skirt. 6 to 8 inches above the knee. She was 75 if she was a day, as my Memere used to say. I was shocked. I have to admit it did make me go home and re evaluate my own clothes more. Its so hard to really see oneself at times.

  2. so true, today I am going thru the closet and thinning.
    I also saw an older woman in her 70's wearing too tight pants, trying to look in style. The clothes seemed very cheap, which doesn't help. Icing on the cake were flesh colored hose under this outfit, horrible! I think the better the quality of clothes, the better they hang. Just me!