Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ah, The beauty of Aging by Raquel Welch

some sage advice from Raquel who is 69:

Raquel says the lesson for every aging woman is to embrace it. "I want them to stop being scared of it, because it's just another chapter in life," she says. "It's not time for you to give up. You don't need to repeat what you did already. Don't keep comparing yourself." Raquel says she likes to think of aging gracefully as a game. "We might as well make up our minds to play it or just bow out and be spectators," she says. "Sitting around doing nothing is far from the best option. Just as you maintain your home, your car, your garden, you should look after your greatest gift: your body."


  1. Love this! It's my 60th birthday today (3/31)and I'm taking these words to heart!!

  2. Congratulations! We have to move forward like it or leave it.