Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Less is more by Rachel Ashwell. It's good to rethink our sleeping rooms. Not so many dressers and pieces of furniture.


  1. Love it Maryanne, but where am I going to put all my "stuff"??? :)

    Also, have you ever noticed that in those home magazines, like Architectural Digest, these people don't have any "stuff"?? Not even shampoo and body wash bottles in the bathroom! Where did it all go???

  2. I know the clean look is in. But remember it is just a photo. I also think people have the huge walk in closets (not me) where they store all their stuff. Last year I got rid of dressers in my bedroom, and it's a new room, it's great. You really don't need them. Armoires too, if you notice on Craigslist, they are all for sale for no money.