Thursday, March 4, 2010

Style Revelations From Over 50 and Wise Oprah:

1. No suits, period "I wore them for ten years straight, but now it always feels like too much—like I'm wearing a man's clothes. I'd rather wear a lovely cashmere top or sweater instead."

2. Keep it classic, not trendy "I used to like more trendy style. In the '80s, I couldn't get an earring big enough. There are pictures of me where my earrings look like napkin rings. It took a lot for me to say, I'm going to stay in my own lane of classic style."

3. Scoopnecks and v-necks are the most flattering "About two years ago I got rid of all my crewnecks—they box me in. It's really important to know what shapes work for you."

4. Avoid pointy-toed or ankle-strapped shoes "I had a lot of these at one time, but I have a new shoe philosophy. Pointy toes are too uncomfortable. I can barely walk two feet in them, and straps make your ankles look fatter."

5. Warm shades work best "People always want me to wear purple. But gold-infused colors look best on my skin tone: browny golds, burnt oranges, and golden yellows."

6. Sturdy everyday bags are a must "When I leave work, I'm carrying books for the show or folders for business, so my bag also has to serve as a briefcase. It can't have delicate little straps. I'd ruin it because I carry too much stuff."

7. Comfort is king "Pajamas are my favorite look, so I'm always doing a variation of that. My favorite thing on Earth is my Donna Karan cashmere onesie from 15 years ago. That's why I like jumpsuits—they're like wearing pajamas."


  1. oh my gosh the earring thing. The younger women in my office wear these big dangly snowflakey silver earrings. So I went out and got some at Nordstroms and put them on for a Saturday night out. On my way out the door I saw a relection of myself and ripped them off fast!!! Horrible on me, fabulous on them!! Lesson learned.

  2. Yeah, I hate that. One does have to be careful. I'll see something that I love love that would have looked good on me when I was young, but know its no longer for me. (at least sometimes I know, other times a good friend will tell me)