Sunday, May 2, 2010

Some Musts

  • A good hairdresser, and what defines that they go for training for up to date latest styles? At our age, baby boomers, we can so get stuck.
  • Frosted hair - done - goodbye to a must not have!
  • A go to designer with whom you feel comfortable (mine is Theory - outlet). It doesn't matter that they are the new shop in town that everyone is going to. Try to be an individual and shop elsewhere. Talbots, (who I love to hate) is a resource. Check it out. Don't buy, but go and look.
  • A shoe for every occasion and pant length. Please throw out your old stuff.
  • Jewelry, here we can get crazy. The small diamonds (even if they are big) that the men gave us just don't make it now. Shop with J. Crew, Kenneth Jay Lane, David Yurman, etc. We need not to be in with the pack. Mix your good stuff in with the junk.
  • Get away from the Lily Pulitzers and the Chico's (although I love Chico's message --'break the mold')
  • Shop sales at Neiman's, Nordstroms, Bloomingdales. Same prices as Macy's and whatever, but much better quality and look.
  • Hey, how about some music, forget about the chick from England. Try Frank, Ray & Rod Stewart, who has btw, some awesome duets with Cher. Check it out!!


  1. Hey Maryanne. Totally get the Love to Hate thing... Talbots totally had some "lost years." But give us another look. We have a feeling you may learn to Love To Love us!

  2. Oh trust me, I do give Talbots a look, they are in my town and I go in and graze routinely. They are getting there. I realize they have been catering to an older customer but I love the younger girls in a whole T outfit, when it fits well. That's the key to Talbots, fit! What I get from Theory, I can't get at Talbots, but maybe soon. I'll keep looking for it. PS Love their bags and shoes, it's my go to for those items.