Saturday, June 26, 2010


For some reason forever, I have left the grilling to my husband, I think it's a generational thing. Anyway, now I have a whole hour to myself before he arrives home from work and I have taken it on. Surprise, it's SO MUCH FUN. Not just the obvious stuff, but I have been spying my favorite cook Bobby Flay in his fabulous grill kitchen and been studying. It takes a lot of practice but some of the stuff I have grilled lately is:

Grilled Pizza (this takes some practice, make it 2 smalls rather than 1 large)
Grilled Salad
Grilled scallions, asparagus, any veggie

Grilled Shrimp

Perfect steaks and burgers (bought from whole foods, once you taste a burger from WF, you'll never go back)

The thing that I am still working on is hood up or down. It makes a huge difference. Practice, practice, practice. I also think that grilling takes time and prep, mostly prep. But it is not as quick and easy as I thought.

Today, I go out to find a timer. I have discovered that this is key to grilling.
Check out Bobby Flay's recipes on!
Pictured above, the crust of the pizza before toppings. The first time I did it I laid the whole topped pizza on the grill and put the top down. Yum, black crust, live and learn. It's a process.

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