Sunday, June 6, 2010

If You Are Moving

Please sell all your things on Craigslist and start over. Ok, we have some anchor pieces that we've had for years. But a few of the things that are over with a capital O are:

China Cabinets
Armoires (I have a beautiful one now, but when the time comes it's gone)
Desks can be morphed into something obscenely stylish
All TV's need to be flat screen, talk about aging a room, a regular tv
Knicknacks put them away for a year and see if you come back, better yet, give them to your children.
Bedside tables can be fresh and new.
Skirted tables
Tableclothes in general - gone
(Napkins look rustically good unironed) but the stained ones, goodbye.

Don't be a prisoner to your belongings. It's freeing trust me!!

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