Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some Travel Tips

In a prior life, one of my co workers was employed at a nice hotel in Boston at the check in desk. His advice to me was always, always, treat the people checking you in with respect. It can get you everywhere. Most guests seem to think that the people at check in are less than human. He says he would bend over backwards to please those who were polite. Some other hints:
  • Dress neatly at check in - it helps
  • Tips guideline: concierge, $10-20 per day: Housekeeping $2-4 per day at end of stay: Bellhops $2-5 per bag.
  • Generally, it doesn't hurt to ask for an upgrade (nicely)
  • Upon arrival in the room, if for some reason you are unhappy, call downstairs and ask politely to have a room change.
  • If you are celebrating an anniversary or birthday, say so, you never know what may be offered

Mostly, enjoy your hotel stay, and try to take advantage of all the hotel has to offer. Don't be shy, communicate with the staff and squeeze all that you can out of your time there.

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