Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trends this Summer

For women of a certain age, I think some guidelines apply to trendy dressing.

#1 - for the most part, don't listen to your daughter, we are not young enough to wear that! Although I have stated before, they can keep us updated with some fresh ideas. There is a fine line.
#2 - Maxi dresses were good on us in the 60's, no longer except at the beach
#3 - Heavy gladiator sandals, the ones with cuff around the ankle, eek
#4 - too much skin showing
#5 - Crocs or clogs outside the house
#6 - Any outfit that tells a story such as, "I am from from Arizona" (boots, fringed suede skirt, oh just any fringe all, cowboy hat, horrible!) Oh yeah, I have seen this get up in trendy SoHo in NYC on a wayyyyyyyyy too old woman.
#7 - Most anything that has a message on it, such as Patriots logo, RedSox logo, oh ok we can bend a little with this one if it's done with subtlety and we are at the ballpark with a hot dog in hand. Calvin Klein, Juicy.

Good trends continue to be:

#1 - Tunic tops (well fitting, I have one that's way too baggy and I feel like a house in it)
#2 - Skin toned flats, heels & sandals
#3 - slim fitting capri's - not baggy
#4 - colorful or white watch
#5 - cardigans in every color
#6 - headbands are kind of cool set in the middle of the head
#7 - Cork Wedges
#8 - love, love, love black top with white capri's & cork wedges with a piece of silver jewelry on anyone, but mostly on women with grey or white hair.

Cautionary trends:

#1 - Too many ruffles or ruffles in a bad location
#2 - play down the accessories if they are fun accessories. One piece is good.
#3 - length of skirts, careful! Flouncy skirts are ok if they are mid calf. All other skirts should hover around the knee. Tennis skirts belong on the court and not in the grocery store. Bad statement.

Most importantly, are there exceptions to these guidelines, of course, just watch it! Most of the time, if the man in your life says yes, you should go with it, take a second look. I'll never forget the time in my 40's, my husband pointed to a catsuit in the Bloomingdale's catalogue and said I should get that, uh, I don't think so.

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