Saturday, August 28, 2010

Handbag pricing

Have you noticed that handbag prices have hit the roof? The only thing I can fathom is that since the clothing styles are so basic and muted, that handbags and shoes really have a chance to shine! We won't talk about shoes right now, but wow, the styles are crazy!! Anyway, when I was visiting my friends in Florida about 3 years ago, one of them had a bag that was about $500 and I was absolutely floored. But since then I have paid more attention to pricing of bags and all the stores even TJ and Marshalls are into the high end handbag routine. I am killing myself b/c I sold a real LV to the consignment shop about 10 years ago for $25 b/c the handle was faded. What was I thinking, I could kick myself. Oh yeah, I hang on to these regrets with a vengeance. My mother always said I have the memory of an elephant! Anyway, there are good ones that are not that expensive to be found. Just search, that's the fun right? They don't have to have an emblem on them, if not even better...

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