Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer Sales

Our local consignment shops are having their summer blowouts right now. My favorite consignment shop is Second Time Around in Wellesley, MA. It's best to go to the top towns to shop consigment, that is where the best things are found. That makes sense right? Anyway, on Wednesday STA had their semi annual midnight madness sale. For one day only, all their summer items on sale for 70% discount of 'their' price. I got a vintage Valentino handbag for $100 and Pucci shoes (which I had my eye on for weeks) for $60, brand new by the way! Love 'em! Their summer things will be on sale at 50% off for a while from now till fall. That's nothing to sneeze at! So if you are in the mood, go poke!


  1. Great finds Maryanne, especially the shoes for brand new! The handbag is adorable :)

  2. They have another pair almost the same there if you are interested size 8. Still laughing at your ghetto photo on f/b. I love your comments, you guys are soooo funny!! I want you as my dentist, you'll make my laugh!

  3. Thanks Maryanne! I'm a size 7, so it'll be too big for me :(