Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall 2010 Styles

So all the fashionistas are coming out with there 2010 fall fashion must haves and I have been thinking hard about the must haves for the baby boomer generation. We have been through most of the style changes, and probably a lot of us have right in our closet what's needed. Personally, I really never change my style too much, just either upgrade or renew, with a little tweak here and there. Think Annette Bening, Meryl Streep & Diane Keaton, all within our age group. All have their good and bad moments, but when they try, they look fabulous. (And we can too, so there!)

Let's go with this for now:

Boots - any length, but knee high are the most wearable. (Think everyone should stay away from slouchy boots though. They are for pre-teens.) Uggs are for dog walking in a snow storm. Have a few lengths in your closet.

Shoes - Here we can have some fun, shoes are a perfect way to update a wardrobe. We should have in our closets shoes for every occasion, that includes running to the grocery store. Go shopping now. Many people are judged by their shoes, so if you care, get rid of the junky ones.

Jeans - a pair of boot cut - the skinny's are just too hard to wear for most of us, agreed?

Shirts - man cut oxfords (plaid is big, but a big ugh there) Get a few that are clean & new & neat and well fitted and we are good to go.

Chunky sweater - ok, I love the cardigan as much as you do, but this is a good overall basic, belted, to be worn over jeans.

Skirt - pencil skirt has been in style for how long? Go with it, it works.

Pants - I am seeing cargo's, I might give them a whirl - that's a big question mark though

Dress - Sheath with a cardigan top - you can't go wrong.

Jewelry - break out the pearls and layer them.

Handbags - try a structured handbag for fall, it gives a crisper line to the outfit.

Shawls/Capes - personally I am not a fan of capes, for some reason they remind me of old ladies, but that's just me maybe. Shawls, I love. Throw them over your shoulders and up around the neck and you're updated and chic! Real pashmina's are not necessary, wool blends are affordable and flexible.

When you are in a daring mood, raid your daughters jewelry and wear it for a little while. That's a fun way to mix it up.

This should hold us for now. Be sure and dig around in the closet, donate, throw out & consign. I'm collecting the stuff that I never wore/wrong size and consigning. Just picked up a check for $100!

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