Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thank You!

For letting me vent for the past year or so! Fashion can be so boring, and yet so exciting at the same time. Boring because it's the same, same and same from generation to generation. Exciting because, we don't have to look like little old ladies anymore. There is no book, (like past times) that said we need to wear our hair 'short' after 40. There is no rule that says we can't wear jeans past a certain age. No one says we have to look like 'grandma' when we are Grandma! We can just be. There are all sorts of looks and they are all wonderful. We can be ourselves, and don't have to listen to any more 'Rules'. Food is evolving, fashion is evolving, and home furnishings are evolving. It's great. In a way, look to the younger generation, hey, they aren't all wrong. It's funny, one of my sons says to me every time I visit him, don't buy me junk, I don't want to 'junk' up my place, and I completely understand NOW where he is coming from.

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