Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bed skirt controversy

Each time I visit my son, I try to upgrade his place just a little. New towels, sheets and the like. So the last time I was there, I purchased a new puffy bedspread for him with fluffy pillows that matched. Hmmmmmmmm, something still didn't look right. He has a platform bed that had a cheap off white bed skirt on it, and the more I tried to arrange it, the worse it got. Voila, I stripped off the bed skirt and much to my thrill, it looked perfect. The bed has crisp, clean lines, and the frame should show. I think we are so trained to finish our beds off with a skirt that we don't notice the subtle changes in design. Most of us have the two part system, mattress and box springs. Instead of a skirt, try putting an extra fitted sheet on the box spring. It will give your room a clean look. Check it out!

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