Monday, October 11, 2010

Expand our Daytripping Horizons

This weekend, since I had the day off on Monday, we decided to take a daytrip. Instead of the same old places we usually go, we took a drive to Rhinebeck, NY, yes that Rhinebeck, the Rhinebeck of Miss Chelsea Clinton's nuptials. Well it just so happens that my Grandparents owned a farmhouse there from the 30's to the 70's, well, it was passed on anyway. Gp was an organic farmer, more on that in a later post. So we took a nice October foliage trip and in under 3 hours were at our destination. My old farmhouse. After approaching the kindly new farmer, well, sort of farmer, she's a baby doc, and he is a car restorer, they nicely gave us a tour of the old homestead and land. Such a treat!!! Try it sometime. Just drive up and say, hey I was brought up in this house, and you will be surprised to see the positive reaction. New owners want to know it all.

Anyway, after our bucolic visit, we continued on from Red Hook, (farmhouse territory) to Rhinebeck, oh sooooo chi chi. They call it the Hamptons of Dutchess County. See the photos, fancy, fancy and again, fancy. Restaurants, shops, people, farm market. For the past few decades artists, designers and moguls have been taking a summer place here. Well I guess I should mention that its Rockefeller territory too. Oh if Grandpa could see it now, he would surely be rolling....he wasn't about fancy at all! Enjoy!

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