Sunday, October 24, 2010

Portland, Maine - Old Port

Within a couple hours driving distance, we can be in a seaside culinary mecca named Portland, Maine. Within the last 15 years or so, (my guess) Portland has expanded to one of the most famous small cities in the US known for F O O D! Standard Baking for incredible breads (see above, it's so moist it's wet) and baked goods. ForeStreet, named one of the top 20 restaurants in the US. Sister restaurant Street & Co. known for their fresh, just jumped off the boat right on your (beautiful) plate seafood in their Hollywood setting. Go there, poke around Commercial Street and the Old Port on the cobblestone streets in the unique one of a kind shops. Many young couples (with their dogs) doing their Saturday hustle yesterday. It's refreshing to see this old town coming back to it's full splendor!
Above photos of Street & Co., one of my favorites. How Pasta with Clams should be served always, but never is. In a copper saucepan to boot on a copper topped table. Bread just out of the oven, cold unsalted butter to accompany. And of course a glass or two of Gavi to top it all off! I had my first raw oyster with mignonette because where else could I ever have it, look at them! It was an interesting experience. Well, check that one off the bucket list anyway!! (if you are a raw oyster fan you know what mignonette is) see my post above for recipe. Hmmm, my mother in laws first name is Mignon....sooo anyway...
Design features of the restaurant, check out the cement bar, so fabulous and of course the gorgeous wide pine plank floors and gas lighting.
Interesting people features, I think the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was sitting next to us at the cement bar! That's Portland, eclectic and fun!

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