Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TV remotes, tight caps & reading glasses

Things sneak up on us when we are not looking. I have always had good eyesight, I do read with reading glasses, but now I can't read the streaming news on tv in the morning. Along with tv remotes, I am becoming a dinosaur. At night I wrestle with the remote looking for the on-demand show I would like to see. It's a tedious process that forces me to put my reading glasses on and hit through a maze of buttons to finally get what I want. God forbid that I want to scroll BACK. Not possible in my world. To get an on demand channel on Comcast there are 5, yes 5 steps to get there. Trys the patience! I guess the Apples of the world are looking to change this system and it's not soon enough for me.

Don't even discuss tight bottle/jar caps. They are unopenable, especially the new water bottle caps that are cut down to save the earth. Forget about it!!

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