Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Decor Gone Wrong

I have never, and I mean 'never' gotten my Christmas decoration right. My tree always looks wrong along with all my decorations. And it's certainly not for lack of shopping for the ornaments. Every year, the day after Christmas for many, many years I went out and bulked up on beautiful and unique ornaments. I think instead of many unique ornaments, it's more about a look. And the look consists of buying that 'one' ornament in bulk. If you like it buy a dozen, and that adds up, even at KMart Dec 26th. I guess it's like planting in multiples, the ornaments must be in multiples and not scattered throughout the house. Focus on one area at a time. (But I do love some decor in the bathrooms) Anyway, multiples are the answer. And if we are doing lights, mounds and mounds of lights are good. One string of lights is useless. One star is useless, many stars are a good thing. Puts the pow in power!

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