Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holiday Gifting

I just watched Oprah's list of favorite things. A few of them really caught my eye and I thought this would be a good time to be thinking for what to tell your loved ones when asked 'what would you like for Christmas'?

Lululemon yoga pants for jumping into when we arrive home, every night!

Scented Candles - O had the $55 ones but Origins and Bath and Bodyworks have good ones too, just be sure and match the season with the scent.

North Face jacket is a pretty cool gift.

Good pair of knives for the kitchen (sorry I like to cook)

Monogrammed note paper. I read somewhere if you are sending a really special note to someone, put it on one sheet of paper. It pulls more of a punch and it can be a keepsake throughout the years. For some reason cards are easy to dispose of. A one page letter is so much more artistic. I still have a few important ones on letter bond, and I open them occasionally to remember......

Mavala hand products. They put out a fabulous nail polish and also the best handcreme I have ever tried. Take a look at their stuff and pick and choose.

Pashmina's - to me they are not out and never will be. They are big and warm for facing a cold winter.

Some furry boots for snow. These things wear out so fast they should be replaced and they just keep getting better and better. You don't have to run out to get UGGS, there are lots of style to choose from at your local department store - or bargain store.

Oprah loves The Container Store and so do I. I got rid of my victorian dresser and put one of their Elfa systems in my closet and it's great. No more huge piece of furniture to hop around.
GPS - Now I know that most people have one, but I just now got mine and I can't go anywhere without it. It was the best thing I invested in this year! Love it. I think TomTom is the best one.

That's it for now, but I'll be back with more suggestions I am sure. Note that a few of these suggestions are use and throw, just sticking with my need to not have things hanging around the house.

If you do receive any of these things as gifts, be sure and throw the old one in your house out. For instance yoga pants, they do wear out!!
PS One more important tip for holiday shopping. If you are buying for someone else, pay cash, not credit card and keep the regular receipt in the package so if (crazy person) they want to return the present, it won't just be transferred back to the givers cc. The giftee will get the full price that giver paid and cash to buy something else! No gift receipts.

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