Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jeans, jeans and more jeans

Last night we went out to dinner to our favorite little Italian spot that is really casual. Takeout and limited seating is the way it works. Anyway, since I was sitting there waiting for my husband to get the food, I watched the people walking in and on line. Now this is Groton, MA, not exactly mid Manhattan, I know....but this restaurant attracts an eclectic group of customers. Lawrence Academy is right next door, and plenty of vedddddy, veddddy sophisticated and international folks stop by with the family for dinner. Along with the townies it's always fun to experience the mix. Anyway, when I say, everyone E V E R Y O N E! was wearing jeans, I kid you not. I can't get over it. I took a photo but it was too dark, I would prove it to you. Just an aside, last week I went to NYC and wore jeans. Next time the outfit will be jeans and really cool casual shoes and a short jacket and no handbag.....very European!!

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