Sunday, November 14, 2010

To Prove A Sizing Point

So in the last 50 years or so, sizes have changed a bit. Displayed is a photo of my mother taken in the 1940's, maybe even 1930's. This is a modeling shot, and her claim to fame was that she was the perfect size 10. That's what the couturiers of the day used for their fit models. Today, I think you would agree, if you saw her, you would say she was a 2 or so. What's going on here? Size 10 used to be a badge of honor, now it double digit (bad) size. I don't get it!


  1. She looks beautiful Maryanne! Not like a 10 at all. But I think that's the point. If the clothes FIT (regardless of what the size says on the tag) you will look flattering. It's better to fit well in a size 10 then to look like a sausage squeezed into size 8. Anyone can make the "muffin top" less pronounced if they wear a size up!

  2. i wore an 8 or a 10 in HS and it is the equivalent of todays 4 or 6. maybe less since I was what used to be called "too thin".
    I think that as people have gotten bigger the sizes have also. A 10 is now relatively large, hence the stigma.
    Your mom looks lovely, and the dress that she is wearing would fit probably fit a size 2 woman of today.