Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Signs of a Good Salon

Often, I will need to go other than my regular salon for services, in the case of traveling or just need for a quick appointment. Here is how I rate a quality salon.

Does the receptionist greet you?
Does the receptionist offer you a beverage? (or show you where it is)
Does your stylist keep you waiting for more than 15 minutes?
Does the stylist chatter with other customers or coworkers while styling your hair?
Does your stylist offer tmi?
Do any of the stylists gossip about customers, (and possibly you know these people? oh yes, I have seen this, AWKWARD and uncomfortable not to mention, what are they saying about said writer!)
Is the salon clean? A must!
Other things hopefully not worth mentioning, do the stylists dress cleanly etc.?

When I go into a salon, I like to be pampered. Offer me a cup of coffee, tell me where I can change, don't chat with other people when you are tending to my service. It's not rocket science. A good salon is 50% customer service and 50% talent. Actually, make that 100% service and 100% talent.

One of the most abrasive things I have seen recently is when I entered a quality nail salon, there was a box of chocolates sitting out in the lobby area. A hand written sign displayed, 'this chocolate is for pedicure customers only'. Oh really, I never went back.

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