Monday, April 30, 2012


Just read A L T - a Memoir written by Andre Leon Talley, the great Vogue Editor/Fashion Critic/and all around fashion superstar extraordinaire.  He touches on his life growing up in the South with his grandmother as his mentor, moving on to young adulthood to NYC with DianaVreeland as an additional mentor.  How much his religion means to him.  His home, his coterie, his wardrobe, his education, just a very unique soul.  He lives in a luxurious world and luxury is, of course, important to him.  But I love the way he talks about living life today.  He would love to have 'help' to iron his sheets and his underwear and take care of household things.  Wouldn't we all?  He agrees.  Wouldn't we all.  His final message was to take the small luxuries that we all enjoy and make them our own.  Possibly give up the expensive dinner for a great pair of shoes.  Forgo the fancy car for better hotels on better vacations or visa versa.  We can all live a little extravagantly in our own little orbits, it's all about choices.

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