Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New or Borrowed or Downloaded

So now that I am taking the train to work in downtown Boston every day, I notice the way people spend their down time on their way to work.  Lots of folks read.  Actually, I have never read so much.  It is a great way to kill 30 minutes and I always feel good about myself.  Of course, as you can imagine, there are people of all ages traveling in the morning, and I note that the younger ones read on the readers/Kindle/Nook, while the Boomers read mostly, believe it or not, library books.  Men and women alike.  It an interesting study in habits and as we, the boomers, grow older, the readers will be winning the race and most things will be on some sort of device.  I, for one, enjoy a book more than a reader.  It's easier, for me, to see how far along I am in the book, and blonde moment here, sorry...the pictures are much better in a real live book.  For now, anyway!

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