Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Remember the days....

.....when we used to take our laundry/shirts to the laundry.  Very expensive now, but what a nice treat that was.  Today there is an article in the NYT about the rise of fall of the linen laundry.  How all restaurants are trending toward a more casual look or bare tabletop.  (At home I do this)  But according to the linen man, it's unsanitary.  Eek.   I have tried to iron linens myself and it's not an easy task.  In the years, they have gotten stained, been thrown out and replaced with bare tables.  I have an aversion to no iron linens.  To me they have no body or structure, they are just there.   Anyway, this is a fun story about restaurant linens in general.  An updated story about linens, a year 2012 story.

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