Friday, June 22, 2012

Some Thoughts

Pants $59

Tunic $79.00

Dress $99.00
 As much as my hobby is seeking, trading, buying clothes/accessories/home goods...well let's stick with clothes for now....I find it very difficult to change my style.  Today I was in Zara, which if you have never been there, is one of those fast fashion concerns.  Wear it a season, rid yourself of it.  I tried on a pair of red cotton with lace overlay pants that were really cool, pictured above.  For $59 a steal, I guess?  Anyway, there was plenty of the 'lace' trend, which I loved.  And yet!  I stammered, stumbled, and talked myself out of the buy, because I thought that spending $59 on them was a bit of a splurge for the vibrant color.  Maybe I will pull the trigger if I see them on sale, but not just yet.  Here they are, love them in the photo...also love the tunic and dress.. Hmm am I 'for' fast fashion or 'against'?  In some instances yes.  This lace dress might go to a wedding.  How many weddings am I going to?  One in the fall, so it just might fit the bill.  And the long sleeves fit the bill for me, I can't go sleeveless at this stage of the game...and I know it.

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