Sunday, June 10, 2012

Update on Lipsticks

A few weeks ago, I tried some new lipsticks.  Trish McEvoy had a pencil that I liked at first, but it doesn't seem to have any lasting power.

Above, Bobbi Brown, maybe I am old fashioned (yes, not maybe) but I like the coverage, and the flat coverage of the product.  It lasts longer than the pencil which is a bit slippery.

And finally,  lip gloss.  What can I say.  I do not like lip gloss.  It sticks to your hair, gives no coverage/definition whatsoever and slips and slides everywhere, including the corners of the mouth, screaming OLD LADY coming!!!

My preference is to get a matte lipstick in every color, orange, red, plum, pink, etc. and go easy or definite with it.  Easy means a bit that is smudged for day.  For more definition, go the whole route of layering and blotting to make it last for the day.

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