Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Make Up for our 60's and Onward

Man oh man, have I noticed that my makeup just doesn't have the old staying power that it used to, leaving me feeling pale and faded, or too harsh when I use a heavier hand.  Since our skin is changing, hot flashes, whatnot, I think we need to revisit.  I'm working on it myself and it's quite a journey.

I like the Clinique eye lid smoother cream, which comes in a bunch of colors.  I have plum, you can make it really light and do some layers and make it darker.  One sweep of the whole lid, and not the three part affair we tend to do when we are really 'trying'.

Don't know about you, but my Chanel pencil is slipping and sliding all over the place recently.  I have been a devotee of this product from forever, but I'm trying a liquid eyeliner now for some definition.

Lipstick, now that's where it gets really ugly.  It seems like all I do is reapply and it's pretty tiresome.  I am going to 'try' using a pencil to fill in the whole lip.  Please, please don't take this as 'line your lip'.  No no no.  Lightly go over the whole lip, then add some creamy color (that you already have a ton of I'm sure) on top.  And blot.  Then blot again.  This will make it stay.

Blush, at this point in the game, we should only be using cream.  Personally, I don't like any self tanning product on the face.  To me, pale is better, but that's a personal choice I guess.

Just read that eyelashes get straighter as we age.  Curl 'em, then coat 'em with a waterproof mascara.  Anything at CVS is great.

Moisturize (counter intuitive I know) moisturize, and moisturize some more.  Then top it off with a moisturizing very soft base.  There is a new product called Beauty Balm sold at CVS.  Hits all the right boxes.  Moisturizes, covers and protects.  Check it out.

I stay far away from powders.  Think about it, powder settles in lines. 

Finally, I might try to go to a department store make up artist to get some new ideas.  Always good to update and not get stuck in our best decade.  So aging!

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