Thursday, August 9, 2012

Remember The Official Preppy Handbook?

"(A) decadent road map to help you navigate through private-school admissions, choppy regatta waters, and the global social circuit."  - Vanity Fair

The tongue in cheek guide in the 60's to becoming a prepmeister has all grown up.  Now with The Official Filthy Rich Handbook, we can all learn just what we the .0001% know/have and we don't.  Who they are, where they fly fish, game hunt.  Finding the right nursery school, the 'right' club, the right get it!   Read this one in fits and starts on the beach/deck with a Pimms Cup in hand for maximum enjoyment.

A hint of what's to come, see the chapter list below!!

1. The Plutocrat Primer: Meet your new friends
2. Where to Live: Homing patterns
3. It Takes a Village: The art of staffing up
4. Buying a Better You: Looking the part
5. The Social Whirl: Out and about
6. Travel & Leisure: Summer is a verb
7. Float Some & Jet Some: Tycoons on the move
8. Playgrounds & Pastimes: Get a hobby
9. To Heir is Divine: Billionaire breeding habits
10. Afflictions & Pretensions: Surviving at the top

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