Sunday, November 25, 2012

10 Things in the Kitchen I Can't Live Without During the Holidays

1.  My mandolin - they are out there for cheap money, and they are really useful in slicing professionally style thin.

2.  My conical strainer - just bought it this year, and it is a lifesaver for straining broth without a mess.

3.  My heavy duty french cookware which I have had since the 60's bought at a Georg Jensen sidewalk sale in NYC. Distributes heatly evenly. Best purchase I ever made.

4.  My vintage pyrex with covers bought at a yard sale for a couple of dollars.  For food storage and reheating they are a god send, and really cool looking.  Stack well too.

5.  My silver - practically vintage circa 1968

6.  2 sharp knives - 1 for chopping, one for slicing
7.  A stack of dishrags next to the sink
8.  Turkey rack
9.  Some vintage platters
10.  Paris my dog at my feet just waiting patiently for something to drop.

1 comment:

  1. Great blog... And oh... If you ever, for what reason that might be, ever think about letting that Georg Jensen cookware go, PLEASE let me know... :D
    You are so right... Best ever cookware!
    Christoffer, from Denmark