Saturday, November 24, 2012

Our Nail Polish

One very fast way to look cheesy is to have a cheesy manicure.  Things that our out, out, out:

Long, square nails
Long nails
Any sort of nail art
Fake nails - too horrible for words

Things that make us look classic and well kept:

A cross between square and oval
All nails kept to the same length
Shorter nails
Cleaned up and pushed back cuticles
Moisturize moisturize moisturize- cuticles included
The least possible snipping of any cuticles

Personally I am not a fan of the French Manicure although I know many many people love them....but especially any French Manicure on toes should be banished forever.  If we must do a fun shade try the new jewel tones on the toes.  Like wearing cool lingerie only we know it's there.

 In a rush?  Take it all off, file quickly and apply moisturizer to the cuticles and hands.  Have 10 minutes, take if off, apply clear nail polish after quickly filing and moisturizing.  Don't bother touching up an old manicure with another coat, it will look cheesy.  Just take it all off and go bare.

There is a fine line between women who look 'expensive' and women who look 'polished'.  Think I'd rather be in the 2nd category.  Expensive is too high maintenance and looks just plain silly.

Final message, do your own manicure every other time or so.  French women know this.  It's not that hard, just takes a bit of patience.  Think of all the money we are saving.

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