Friday, November 16, 2012

Ten Luxes I Can't Live Without

not really, if I were in jail, I guess I could live without them.  But for now:
Cup of tea/coffee upon awakening

Yard Sales/Flea Markets - it's the thrill of the hunt - 1/2 my house is Yard Sale furnished - I've been hunting yard sales for over 40 years and I still love it.


My Documentaries - Truth is stranger than fiction


My Dogs - they come and go, and they are such a comfort

 Gardening even if it's just in a container
Color and texture - When I left the city of Prague I realized how starved I was for this for it was a sepia toned city

The Beach - either you get the beach or you don't - this is the beach I cut my teeth on - Larchmont, NY
Bed & Breakfasts - they are the best -homey, quaint and some quite luxurious

the coast of Maine  - rugged and striking

Ok my nightly glass of wine

My E.L.F. lip balm from Target   $1

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